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Commercial Christmas Decorations Made in Oregon, USA

Custom 34' Oregon Cascade Fir Tree commercial Christmas decorations

34′ Crystal Valley giant Christmas tree

CVD S4 RGB 50' walk through tree commercial Christmas decoration

50′ Crystal Valley RGB commercial Christmas tree

50' Crystal Valley commercial Christmas tree decoration

50′ Crystal Valley LED commercial Christmas tree

Welcome home to Crystal Valley commercial Christmas decorations. We are known throughout our industry as the foremost manufacturer of giant artificial Christmas trees, commercial Christmas decorations and lighted displays for holidays and special events. Crystal Valley is located in Lebanon, Oregon and we are proud to say our commercial displays are Made in the USA. Our legendary Oregon Cascade Fir and Rocky Mountain Pine trees, as well as our wreaths, pole decorations, animated park displays, and fabulous skylines are displayed in cities, shopping centers, and resorts all over the world. Our worldwide clientele includes Dubai, Russia, South America, Canada, Mexico, the Virgin Islands and cities across the United States from Alaska to New York to Hawaii. Please visit our catalog page to view a wide selection of displays and decorations.

To view some amazing videos of our stunning giant artificial Christmas trees simply click this link.

Crystal Valley Commercial Christmas Wreaths decorations

Crystal Valley Cascade Wreath

Crystal Valley giant artificial commercial Christmas decorations

50′ RGB Tree photo courtesy of Liberty Center

“We‘ve always been Green”

Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. is committed to helping the environment through responsible manufacturing processes. Our displays utilize over 92% recycled steel and are over 90% Recyclable!

We have a vast selection of displays that utilize solar reflection and wind. These earth friendly displays do not require electricity.

All of our trees and decorations are made from the highest quality materials available and all components are UL Listed, all foliage is flame retardant, and we build our products right here in Oregon.

For more information please send us an email or give us a call at

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