American made commercial Christmas trees

American made commercial Christmas trees are what we are all about at Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. Not only do we manufacture all of our commercial Christmas trees here in Oregon, all of our steel is, and always has been, produced by American Steel mills. We have always been proud that we source all of  our steel and aluminum from American steel mills. Are you looking for American made commercial Christmas trees? Not only made in the USA but the finest, most recognized, largest artificial branched trees in the world? That’s are wheelhouse. Nobody, but nobody builds them as big as we do and nobody has built and shipped these legendary giants to more countries than Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. Now is the absolute best time to order an American made commercial Christmas tree from Crystal Valley with discounts as deep as 50%. Whether you need a 20′ tree or a 100′ tree, just give us a call at (541)924-0700 or send us an email at We would be happy to make your Christmas tree dreams become a reality in 2018.

100' American made commercial Christmas tree

100′ American made Christmas tree

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