Commercial Christmas Decorations

LED sphere sculptureCrystal Valley Decorating, Inc. specializes in manufacturing custom commercial displays and decorations for Christmas, special events, and other holidays. Our extensive catalogs offer a wide selection of some of our most popular wreaths, garland, Rocky Mountain Pine Trees, pole mounted and self standingcommercial christmas decorations decorations, and animated light displays,

Commercial Christmas decorations

Custom 12′ 3D Ornament Tree

available with LED and RGB lights. We make all of our displays right here in Oregon and none of our commercial displays are imported. When you buy your displays from 50' Tree for Universal StudiosCrystal 3D-Star1Valley you can be assured

they are Made in the USA.

Our catalogs are just a sampling of our commercial Christmas and holiday decorations, and our renowned ability to custom design and manufacture decorations for any application or event. No matter how complex or unique your needs and whether your budget is large or small, Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. has the experience and dedication to make your ideas come to life. Commercial Christmas decorations are our expertise! Whether it be a 100′ tall LED animated giant tree or a simple 4′ snowflake, rest assured we can produce just the display that you have in mind.

For more information please give us a call at (541) 924-0700 or send us an email.

commercial christmas decorationcommercial christmas decorationcommercial christmas decorationcommercial christmas decoration