Animated Christmas Displays
Animated Christmas displays can be used as a focal decoration piece or even as smaller filler displays. By using multistage sequencing controllers a beautiful display can become a dazzling decoration. Any size display can be animated with LED lights or traditional incandescent lamps. We can create anything from a fabulous Vintage Belle of the 80’s Train to a Toasty Snowy, a giant Rocky Mountain Pine tree and so much more. The decorations shown below are just a small sampling of animated displays we have created to date, allowing you to see the effects of animation.
Animated Christmas Displays can be as simple as a two step sequence or as complex as 32 sequences on silhouette and garland decorations. When animating trees there is no limit to the number of animation sequences. LED and RGB lighting has brought the capability of truly stunning animation with low power requirements and minimal maintenance from year to year. Animated displays can also be linked to music for an extra Wow Factor! For more information on our animated Christmas displays or decorations, please give us a call at (541) 924-0700 or simply send us an email.
Click on each image to enlarge and view the animation.
animated christmas displayanimated christmas displayanimated christmas displayanimated christmas displayanimated christmas display
 22′ Animated Sparkling Fountain