Custom Design: Decorations and Displays
Our catalogs are filled with hundreds of wonderful designs to custom design choose from, yet if what you are looking for is not shown, then please ask us about a Custom Design.

Our reputation as a “custom designer and manufacturer” is world renowned in the commercial decoration industry. Our in-house graphic design department can take your simple sketch or glimmer of an idea and change it into the awe inspiring display that your group is searching for. The sky is the limit when it comes to our imagination and inspired design capabilities. Two popular types of custom displays nowadays are our laser cut internally lighted tree bases and our sign enhancers. A lighted tree base is a great way to not only increase the height of your tree but also a way to highlight your company logo or slogan. We can take any idea you have and custom cut a steel base and powder coat it to your color specifications.

Sign Enhancers are very popular with lifestyle centers, shopping mall entry signs, corporate monument signs, and entries to gated communities. Crystal Valley will custom build a decoration that fits on top or on the sides of your sign. Large glitter mesh bows, poinsettias, and snowflakes with LED lights are just some of the ideas to help make your entry sign shine during the holiday season.

If you have a location photograph we can easily place our designs onto the image making for excellent presentations and sales literature. Below are just a few examples of our custom design work.

custom design