Hometown Celebration
hometown celebrationEach year people get together to celebrate and re-connect with friends and family. They come to escape the routine of everyday life and make memories that will last a lifetime. A hometown celebration is a great way to share your culture and heritage with the rest of the country, and Crystal Valley Decorating tries to capture this experience in lights! Crystal Valley has created dozens of festive light displays and pole mounts to enhance events hometown celebration like music festivals, rodeos, fairs, wine tastings, carnivals and farmer’s markets. All of our custom made designs use a combination of LED lights and garland in order to make your event spectacular! We have manufactured everything from cowboy boots and hats, western skylines and guitars with musical notes, to a number of fruit and vegetable displays. They are the perfect way to display your annual event and keep people coming back year after year. Let Crystal Valley Decorating make your celebration shine! To see more of our original designs be sure to check out our 2013 catalog.

Our catalog has many great examples of stock displays and custom pieces we have made for our customers. However, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, feel free to ask us to create a custom design just for you! Your imagination is the limit as to what we can design and create for your special event.

hometown celebrationhometown celebrationhometown celebrationhometown celebrationhometown celebration