Zoo Lights
zoo lightsZoo Lights events around the country provide much needed fund raising and draw tens of thousands of patrons during the holiday season. People of all ages love strolling through the wildlife areas and seeing whimsical and true to life lighted displays of all the animals that live at the zoo. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. has manufactured displays of dozens of different wildlife animals, such as Prairie Dogs, Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, Swinging Monkeys, and many woodland critters such as Fox and Rabbits. We have even made soaring Eagles and whimsical Pelicans. Many Zoos and Wildlife Parks also select domestic animals such as Dogs and Cats, Horses and Cows, and even grazing Sheep for their lighted displays. Zoo lights are not limited to animal displays and can include a giant artificial tree along with animated zoo keepers mixed throughout the park. How about Santa? Surely Santa wants to visit all of the animals and children that come to the zoo during the holiday season!