Green Manufacturing and Shipping
Crystal Valley is committed to Green Manufacturing and we continue to expand, and accomplish this goal through our earth-friendly shipping and manufacturing processes. By utilizing recyclable materials we are able to reduce waste and help protect the environment.  Our displays use over 92% recycled steel and are at least 90% recyclable themselves.  By creating decorations that can be rebuilt and reused, such as our giant artificial trees, we are able to save our customers money, and the planet from unnecessary waste.  We also offer a wide selection of decorations that require only natural light and wind power to operate.  Built with our special solar disks, they are able to reflect light and sparkle without the use of electricity.  These eco-friendly displays are combined with our custom built shipping and storage racks that save from wasting expensive cardboard.  Made with recyclable steel, they can be reused to store your decorations year after year.

All of our decorations and shipping racks are also made right here in the USA.  Ordering through Crystal Valley not only helps to support our local economy, but also lessens the amount of fuel emissions it would take for your decorations to travel overseas.  This helps to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.

Our  catalogs are also printed on FSC Certified paper.  The Forest Stewardship Council green manufacturingpromotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.  For Crystal Valley this means our catalogs support the improvement of responsible management processes of the world’s forests.  To learn more about the FSC and how your company can get involved visit

To learn more about our earth-friendly products and displays, our innovative reusable shipping and storage racks, or about our Carbon Neutral Shipping participation, feel free to contact us.