Decoration Storage Racks
decoration storage racksCustom Storage and Shipping Racks for your commercial decorations from Crystal Valley are the talk of the town! In our continuing efforts to follow Green Friendly and Responsible decoration storage racksManufacturing Processes, we introduced our customers to reusable shipping and storage racks for decorations. Installers and maintenance personnel cannot stop talking about this Crystal Valley innovation. We custom build our racks out of 66% Recycled Steel and eliminate the wasteful use of cardboard. All of our racks are built to exacting specifications for shipping and storing your decorations and can be reused year after year. Trees, wreaths, pole decorations, and many other displays can be shipped and stored in our unique racks. We are happy to custom design a rack just for you if you need specific dimensions based on your unique storage area.

Storage/shipping racks (below) that we created for our giant 30′ diameter Rocky Mountain Pine Wreaths. Each rack was designed to accommodate the requirements of freight trailers as well as the ability to be easily moved in and out of offsite storage facilities.

decoration storage racksdecoration storage racksdecoration storage racks