Winter Elegance
3' x 16' Celestial Skyline 1-33302-0003' x 16' Elegant Snowflake Skyline 1-33304-000
LightTree1Custom 12' 3D Ornament Tree
Winter brings a sense of elegance and tranquility to the air. The season has a 32' GIS with Cool White LEDfeeling of peace and happiness, especially when that first snowflake touches the earth. Our Winter Elegance collection tries to capture this same feeling. Filled with shooting stars, swirling skylines, and twinkling curtains, they are sure to amaze this holiday season. These luminous pieces can be designed to fit anything from pole decorations to building fronts, or even a drive-through archway that can turn everyday monuments into the extraordinary! Using a combination of colorful garland, aluminum, steel, glitter mesh and LED lights, we can transform your town or city streets into a magical winter wonderland! Want something even more unique? We love building displays that utilize our reflective flitter disks that shimmer in the slightest breeze and reflect even minimal light to produce amazing results. Click to view a  Custom flitter disk sign enhancer

As always, we are happy to customize any of our wonderful creations to fit your specific needs. To view more designs from our Winter Elegance collection be sure to visit our catalog page or contact us for more details.

winter eleganceStarsAndRibbons1forRita